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Catering & Whiskey Pie

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

I intended to take December off to spend time with the family and focus on future business development for Heshima, but I had a few people ask if we did catering and wanting the experience of working on a menu together. Decided to test if we could take the Heshima concept in a catering format since the food would be prepped off-site and delivered in family style meals without plating or cocktail pairings.

I developed the menu with each party which they loved being apart of instead of just having a basic menu that you pick from, something I know is pretty standard for most catering chefs but I feel keeping the individuals apart of the experience makes it more fun knowing you had a hand in what your eating.

A few of the items we had for the menu was:

Reverse seared NY strip with a chimichurri sauce

Smoked sage chicken

Pasta with a brown butter & pecorino sauce

Our signature whiskey pecan pie

Send us a message if you'd like to have Heshima work with you on a custom menu for your get together!


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