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Rustic Italian & Woodinville

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Every month we want to try and showcase the theme of how each dinner experience was at Heshima.

This dinner was particularly special to me as we had Woodinville Distillery (my favorite craft distillery) sponsor and be apart of the dinner. Renee their rep and now one of our "whiskey" friends, was incredible in how she went over each of the whiskey's that we had in our course pairing.

For the menu I chose to marry rustic Italian & Texas cuisine, which was inspired by my wife's and I's trip to Italy right before the pandemic hit in Italy funny enough. I wanted to offer something most people only could experience if they went to Italy. Most people think of Italian food of what you just order at Olive Garden, and there is SO much more to offer in the simplicity of the ingredients, but complexity in the flavors.

Eating a Heshima dinner is more than the just the food and drinks, it's also about being apart of a community and having more human connection, which we have lacked in the last year with quarantine and isolation. You never know who you will sit next to and the connection you can make!



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