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Art Collaboration

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

This dinner was our first collaboration with a Fort Worth art studio, Muse Creative Art Studio. I met the owner Jacob from one of our previous dinners that we hosted, that he happened to attend and fell in love with what we were doing. A few months later he called me out of the blue and wanted to know if I wanted to be apart of a Thanksgiving event he was putting together. After going back and forth we decided to have a one night fall dinner.

The fun part is always deciding what direction to go for the menu and what would inspire it. I decided to pay homage to the essence of Fort Worth, and how I've always loved the farm to table relationship that I've always felt the area had.

We also ended up partnering with a local Fort Worth distillery, Acre Distilling. This was very special because instead of just picking certain whiskies or bottles that we wanted to use in our pairings, Acre was incredibly gracious to let us go on a barrel pick to be bottled specially for the dinner! We settled on a single malt whisky finished in an ale barrel, and had it bottled at barrel proof called, the "winter warmer".

One of my favorite dinners just because of how this was honestly a local business group effort coming together to be apart of community, which is what I've always believed that Fort Worth has the spirit of.



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