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Stories At The Table

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

October in Texas is honestly when fall starts to hit and the weather starts to change. For the most part. You can start to taste the air when the temperature is about to change, the seasonal items at the market start rotating, you start grilling or smoking a lot more than normal, and for me it also means the perfect weather for cigars & bourbon outside on the patio. But enough about that. This dinner was special in that I had a good friend of mine who is a not so local artist come play a few tunes for our guests. The unique quality about Joseph Neville, is his concerts are set up around telling a story and having interaction. I've known him for a few years and the way that he incorporates story telling in his music is not unlike the way that Heshima operates as a restaurant and draws people into community. At Heshima, I want everyone to go on a journey with me when I tell the story of what inspired the menu. The story within the story, is what captures the attention and ties into when you take a bit of a course, your imagination takes to you to my experience or memory.


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