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Growth & Single Malts

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

After taking August off to work on new menu items and spend some time with family, we came back in September extremely excited! Not only did we have a modified menu, but we debuted at a new pop up location at a restaurant in Fort Worth. This was a bit of a challenge to make guests feel the same Heshima vibe, but also inside an existing restaurant that already has its own vibe.

Having a 40 foot walk from the kitchen to the dining area, took a bit more time than anticipated from being able to personally interact with the guests, and also presented its own challenge as the dinner I didn't have my usual staff assistance. Running between hosting the guests, plating the course, and then prepping the next course definitely kept the blood flowing but honestly I wouldn't have it any other way and I was all smiles. Definitely a change from the last venue we were out of, but like anything else, making the best out of a situation is what we do at Heshima.

We had an amazing guest attendance in terms of diversity of work backgrounds, hobby interests, and location. And watching how they instantly connected with each other was incredible to watch, and still reminds me of how we all crave community, especially when it comes to having a memorable dinner experience. This was one of the first dinners where I've had guests come up and talk about how they appreciated the pairings and how they complimented the course in a way they haven't experienced before at a restaurant.

So while we're still growing and announcing dinners for the rest of the year, I encourage you to be apart of the community! Whether you're a fellow creative looking to connect with people, or wanting a memorable date night, be on the look out to be apart of our next dinner!


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