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What To Expect

Our vision is simple.  We want to host you.  Think of it having a dinner party with long time friends that you haven't seen in forever.  You walk in, greeted by us, we take anything you don't want to have at the table, and move along to sit you at the family table(or lounge) and start the night off with cocktails and appetizer pairings.  We want to know how you're doing, if you just got that long earned promotion, how the kids are(if you have kids), and how life's been treating you. 


We then go over our 4 course chef prepared menu for the night, and make any alterations needed based on your dietary restrictions.  While going over the menu, we go over why we were inspired for this specific menu, how you can do this at home, and also go over each of the 4 pairings for each course go with the meal and how they specifically compliment each other.  We want to take you on a culinary journey all over the world with hints of Texas sprinkled in to bring you home.

From there we encourage you to put the phones down and talk with each other.  Perhaps talk with your table neighbor and create community with each other.  You might be surprised on who you connect with and that you have in common more with someone than meets your visual eye.

To end the night, we all know having room for a standard large restaurant dessert is not in the cards.  Which is why we pair more economical size desserts based on what the menu cuisine is for the night.  Along with dessert is an optional cocktail or coffee to finish up those life conversations that we want everyone to feel free to have.

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